What is Healthtech?

Medical services innovation or healthtech is a quickly developing industry vertical (additionally called a vertical market) inside the more extensive medical care area. It intends to benefit from this ocean change by utilizing innovation to give patients quicker, less expensive, and more available consideration. Healthtech incorporates any innovation-empowered medical care items, and administrations principally conveyedContinue reading “What is Healthtech?”

Francis William Dunn Key West Clinical Research Patient Outcomes Expert

Francis William Dunn designs Real World Patient Data to Improve Patient Outcomes, focused on value & revenue. Francis Dunn has been a clinical analyst and data engineer in the biotech field for 25 years. Francis Dunn is a father & health entrepreneur; he has spent over 2 decades leveraging emerging media technologies to improve healthcare.Continue reading “Francis William Dunn Key West Clinical Research Patient Outcomes Expert”

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